Our History

The first meeting of the Australian Evangelical Alliance in Sydney, Australia on 9 February 1957 agreed ‘that steps should be taken to place before Dr Billy Graham the proposal for him to visit Australia under the auspices of the Evangelical Alliance’.  Due to Graham’s visit in 1959, more than 130,000 people (almost 2% of the Australian population) were recorded as making a commitment to Christ.

Since these beginnings, Australian Evangelical Alliance fostered the growth of other ministries including those that are now part of the EA Family:

1971 – Tearfund Australia established as a relief and development arm of the Australian Evangelical Alliance.

1986 – Missions Interlink established to link and serve as a peak body for Australian mission agencies.

1987 – EA Insurance established to provide uniquely suited insurance packages for churches and other Christian organisations.

1989 – EA Foundation established to manage the Australian Evangelical Alliance’s investments for the benefit of the Alliance and its constituents.

2003 – Christian Management Australia (now Christian Ministry Advancement) established in collaboration with Wesley Mission.

2004 – EA Public Theology Department (now Ethos Centre for Christianity and Society) established to encourage Christian reflection on ethical, social and political issues.

2012 – the Australian Evangelical Alliance was restructured to enable its various ministries to flourish as independent organisations.

The Australian Evangelical Alliance Inc continues as the auspice organisation for Missions Interlink.