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The EA Foundation is affiliated with the World Evangelical Alliance, an international body representing more than 600 million Christians in 129 countries. The EA Foundation has existed alongside the Australian Evangelical Alliance Inc for many decades, and is now the primary ‘hub’ for the entities that proudly make up the EA Family. The EA Foundation continues to incorporate the work of the EA Insurance Project, as well as the Alfred Clark Missions Trust and the Indigenous Ministries Trust Fund.
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New Edition of Equip - Will our Faith Have Children?

Tue 17 Mar 2015
The theme of our first Equip for 2015, maintains our meta-theme for the last two years, ‘the hopes and fears of all the years’. Here we focus on children, often, as our first two writers remind us, expected to be seen and not heard in church, leaving the adults alone for AO church, as a rehearsal for later leaving the church, as recent research shows...

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