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The EA Family is going from strength to strength

Tuesday, 8 September 2015 | Melbourne
EA (originally the Evangelical Alliance) is continuing its work as a catalyst for Christian unity, cooperation, and mission, seeking to ‘help the Christian community to be true to Jesus Christ and engage with the world by stimulating biblical thinking and action, and providing practical resources and ways of working together’.

The EA Foundation is joined by four other members of the EA Family.

Ethos is the EA Centre for Christianity and Society. Ethos goes beyond an ethics of dilemmas, decisions and doing to one of character, culture and community, centred in Jesus Christ. Ethos combines the endeavours and personnel of two national Christian organisations engaged with Australian society: Zadok Institute for Christianity and Society and the Evangelical Alliance’s Department of Public Theology.

EA Insurance is a specialist provider of insurance and risk management services to Faith and Not for Profit organisations throughout Australia. We deal exclusively with; Overseas Mission/Aid Organisations; Not-for profit / Community organisations; and Faith Communities.

Missions Interlink is the Australian network for global mission. We exist to be a growing and vibrant hub linking, equipping, serving, inspiring, and representing organisations and churches across Australia as they engage in effective cross-cultural and global mission.

As a national membership-based organisation we act as a peak body representing our Associates and Members on matters of mutual concern and facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements. Our training, events and other ministries are organised both nationally and at a local level. Our networks have been established to connect people with areas of common interest.

CMA Christian Ministry Advancement Ltd (incorporating Christian Management Australia) is a not-for-profit charity, seeking to help the Christian sector in Australia become more effective. CMA was founded because of a belief that the spiritual gifts of administration (including governance, leadership and management) had been neglected in much of the Christian sector, and that therefore, the front-line mission of the church was suffering. We saw fine ministries die not because of a lack of prayer, or passion, or spirituality - but because of elementary management failures: poor succession planning, mission drift, board dysfunction, well-intentioned but terrible HR practices.

CMA is all about advancing ministry. Whatever sphere of ministry God has called you to, we want you to be more effective! We do this by offering resources, training, and networking across a range of areas.