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Press Release: Changes in the EA Family

Monday, 30 April 2012 | EA Foundation

Established in 1957, the first decision of The Australian Evangelical Alliance was to bring Dr Billy Graham to this nation for a series of crusades. It has been said that this one decision was effective in ‘changing the course of Australian history’. As a consequence of these evangelistic crusades, over 130,000 people (representing nearly 2% of the Australian population) committed their lives to Christ. As well as contributing significantly to the ranks of today’s leadership, both in the church and in wider society, research by historian Stuart Piggin indicates that these conversions resulted in measurable, positive social outcomes.

Since then, the Evangelical Alliance has continued its work as a catalyst for Christian unity, cooperation, and mission, seeking to ‘help the Christian community to be true to Jesus Christ and engage with the world by stimulating biblical thinking and action, and providing practical resources and ways of working together’. The work of the Evangelical Alliance is not finished, however the beginning of 2012 has marked a season of significant organisational change. MI (Missions Interlink) and CMA (Christian Management Australia) have grown to the extent that they will thrive as separate legal entities. Equally ethos, a newer sub-entity that has been carrying on the work of EA’s Public Theology Department, will be combining with the Zadok Institute, which has its own rich heritage, to become known as ethos: EA Centre for Christianity and Society. This new organisation will continue to provide services and publications to those who have been involved with EA as subscribers, partners and affiliates. The EA Foundation will have a significant role maintaining links with the World Evangelical Alliance and other national and international agencies and networks. Importantly, the Foundation will also act as ‘keeper’ of a family covenant that will maintain and nourish the ties between members of the EA family. Tom Slater, who served EA as National Director for over a decade, recently commented,

"These are tough times for many Christian ministries, and EA has not been immune from the pressures. So I've been impressed by, and grateful for, EA's ability to respond positively and adapt effectively under pressure. Having once brought TEAR into existence, nurtured CMA from birth and sustained major services like Missions Interlink and Insurance over many years, EA remains a vital but largely unsung unifying influence across the denominational spectrum. Recently the various members of the EA family have launched into new seasons of fruitfulness and growth. I’m amazed to see how Missions Interlink and Christian Management Australia have grown in their impact and influence in the past decade, and become strong viable entities, still within the EA family. The new partnership between Ethos and Zadok is yet another example of EA facilitating and catalysing cooperation and collaboration for the sake of the Kingdom. I look forward to seeing these various entities continue to grow in their capacity to serve the wider church, confident that their ongoing connections to each other and the EA Foundation will see them remain committed to the original aims and purposes of the Australian Evangelical Alliance.”

A brief look at the members of the growing EA family:

Missions Interlink is a member-based organisation that brings together and serves over 160 Australian agencies, Bible colleges, churches, and support services with a significant interest or involvement in cross-cultural and global mission. Through its national office and state branches, Missions Interlink provides and facilitates mission events, training, resources, research, advocacy, interest-group networks, information sharing, and opportunities for collaborative action, prayer and encouragement. It is connected internationally through the WEA Mission Commission. EA Insurance is a vibrant, growing ministry which provides insurance and risk services nationally to over 400 Christian organisations and churches.

Christian Management Australia’s mission is 'Maximising Ministry Effectiveness, Building Organisational Character'. The organisation exists to serve Christian churches and non-profit organisations in areas of leadership and management, as well as having a strong interest Christian business sector. CMA now has many hundreds of members from all around Australia, across a range of denominations, from Christian schools, missions, charities, consultancies and businesses, as well as individuals. CMA provides training and networking through a range of resources and events, with a particularly strong focus on board governance, mission and strategy, and people management.

Ethos: EA Centre for Christianity and Society represents the merger of two pedigreed groups engaging Australian society: the Zadok Institute and the Public Theology Department of the Australian Evangelical Alliance. ethos, as its name implies, seeks to strengthen the ethical character of individuals, churches, institutions and our society as a whole. It does this through two quarterly publications, Zadok Perspectives and Papers, and Equip magazine, a monthly Engage email, and regular contributions to a range of Christian and other media. It is developing a strong name for thoughtful Christian contributions on contentious issues. ethos is in the business of empowering lay people for making discerning contributions to the ethical debates and development of our society.

This Press Release has been prepared for release in early April 2012 in state and national Christian media. For enquiries please contact the EA Foundation office.