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Wednesday, 4 June 2014 | Melbourne

The latest edition of Engage.Mail has just landed in subscribers in-boxes. This month Brett Parris reflects on the Federal Budget, Charles Ringma looks at the challenge of 'First World' re-evangelization, Miroslav Volf is interviewed by Gordon Preece, and Denise Cooper-Clarke looks at conscientious objection and section 8 of the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act 2008.

On the Ethos Blog, Kara Martin reviews the recent 'Redeeming Work' Conference. A reminder to Zadok Perspectives subscribers: we also have a referenced version there of Dianne Brown's recent article "We Are What We Eat".

Over the next two weeks, Melbourne viewers can see Gordon Preece on Channel 31 on Thursday at 11:30pm for the 'Harmony and Diversity' program. Mick Pope and Claire Dawson appeared on the program over the last two weeks. These videos will soon be uploaded to the program's YouTube channel.

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