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Crucible’s aim is to enhance creative  thinking about the relationship of biblical and theological truths to the life, ministry and mission of the church. It is a forum for scholars and practitioners to publish material, interact and resource the Christian community. 

Crucible publishes three types of material:

  • The Cauldron:  formal, academic, ‘blind’ peer reviewed scholarly articles.
  • The Test-tube: ministry resources related to the life, ministry and mission of the church. 
  • The Filter:  book reviews

For further information on the submission of articles see the ‘Article submission’ page.

Crucible operates under the auspices of the Australian Evangelical Alliance and is sponsored by the institutions listed on this page which are partners with AEA and which, together, constitute the board of management for Crucible.

ISSN: 1836-8794

Use of material published in Crucible

All material on the Crucible web-site is copyright. Copyright is retained by the authors who grant permission to Crucible to publish. Unless indicated otherwise the following rules apply to the use of articles on this web-site. 

  • No article should be copied onto another web-site. Other sites wishing to refer to material published on Crucible may establish links to the Home page or to the specific article.
  • No commercial use is permitted. Those who wish to make commercial use of material published on this web-site should contact the author.
  • Permission is given to make a copy of material for personal use.
  • Churches and bona fide educational institutions may distribute copies of articles to members and students providing that

(a) it is for genuine educational purposes,

(b) there is no charge for the material and

(c) all copies must clearly and fully provide the author’s name and details; the title of the article; the publication details (ie. Crucible: a journal of theology and ministry; the relevant issue number and date); and the web-site address.



General Editor:  Rev. Dr Ian HusseyDirector of Postgraduate Studies, Malyon College.
Managing Editor:  Rev. Ian Packer, Academic Registrar, Morling College (formerly Assistant Director, Ethos - EA Centre for Christianity & Society)
Editor of The Cauldron:  Rev. Rob Fringer, Principal and Associate Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Biblical Languages, Lord of the Sith, Nazarene Theological College, QLD.
Editor of The Test Tube:  Rev. Dr Ian HusseyDirector of Postgraduate Studies, Malyon College.
Book Review Editor:  Rev. Ian Packer, Academic Registrar, Morling College, Sydney.

Editorial Board: Rev. Prof. Brian Edgar, Professor of Theological Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary; Dr Stuart Devenish, Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies for the School of Ministry, Theology & Culture, Tabor Adelaide; Rev. Dr Graeme Chatfield, Associate Dean of the Australian College of Theology; Dr Cheryl McCallum is Principal of Eastern College (formerly Tabor Victoria); Dr Stephen Smith, Principal, ACOM; and Dr John A. Davies, Principal of Christ College (Sydney).

We thank our editorial alumni for their contributions: Rev. Dr Glen O'Brien, Rev. Dr John McClean and Rev. Dr Darren Cronshaw


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The Test-tube: ministry resources

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